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Welcome to Balochistan Rural Development & Research Society (BRDRS)

The Balochistan Rural Development & Research Society (BRDRS) established by a group of young development professionals, as the members, representing the conscious class of society, they decided to take an initiative of providing social services to the deprived masses of the area. BRDRS is registered under the social welfare Registration and control Ordinance 1961. It is registered on 24th July 2002 and having registration # DSW 1188.
BRDRS is having its head Office at Quetta Balochistan Pakistan. The organization is having an independent Board of directors who serve and look after all the matters of the organization. The organization conducts it election and audit yearly on regular basis.


Message from CEO - Dr. Syed Mohammad Arif

Dr.Mohammad Arif-CEO

In Pakistan the poverty situation in general and in Balochistan province in particular is vey pathetic. In Balochistan according to some reliable sources 52% of the population is below poverty line. Within the country, the province as compared to national as wells as provincial levels is low on almost all socio-economic indicators. The situation of serious poverty has arisen in the province of Balochistan which is mainly due to (a) negligence of proper planning & development the government & local leaders addressing the needs of the poor and, (b) creation of a non conducive environment for development process through adverse law & order situation. The marginalized groups are suffering seriously evident from the fact that they have no or low access to socio-economic amenities but more importantly to income earning opportunities. Readmore....

Major Programs

Emergency Relief (Shelter Project)

Our hearts reach out to the people of Jaffarabad who are still in need for help to survive. Emergency relief project aims to assist in making housing ....


Water Management Center

The future of Pakistan’s agro-based economy is critically reliant on the development of a holistic water management regime incorporating a series of....


Social Mobilization

BRDRS The concept of social mobilization emerged from the recognition that a genuine participatory approach to development is essential for success an....


Credit and Enterprise Development (CED)

Credit and Enterprise Development (CED) unit facilitates delivery of targeted financial services to the poor, while simultaneously seeking to develop ....


Livelihood Enhancement and Protection (LEP)

Livelihood Enhancement and Protection (LEP) unit seeks to enhance productivity of poor individuals and communities through focused ....



Health unit seeks to deliver quality health and education services through BRDRS’s social sector Development Program (SDPP), with....



Education unit seeks to deliver quality education services through BRDRS’s social sector Development Program (SDPP), with incorporates establishment....